Amazon Review: 5 Stars Beautifully Illustrated – Amazing book beautifully written and easy to read for my 4 year old boy. He loved the characters!. Great option for gift, highly recommended. – Liliana
Amazon Review:  5 Stars – Great Fun For Kids. My daughters love this book. It is bright and fun. Amazing rhymes and characters – L. Mele / C. Ramirez
Amazon Review: 5 Stars – Great for kids!  Great book, colourful pictures and an easy storyline for young children to follow. My child loved the colouring-in section at the end too. – Sonja

About The Muzicoz

The Muzicoz might be small, but you can always count on them to fill the world with explosive sound and colour.  When things appear quiet, black and white, they love to play their favourite tunes and colour in everything around them.

What do you hear?  What do you see?  Can you imagine what the Muzicoz are playing when you see blue, red, orange or green?  Is it fast, is it slow, is it high, is it low?

Jump into their world and play along with their band while Nico sings, Fossy plays guitar, Rico plays his flute and Arno plays the piano.  And don’t forget Nemo, Lilo, Flip, Jee, Dilo and the small, but super loud – Tico!

The Muzicoz are lively, fun and their colourful world will have children laughing, singing, dancing and thinking about sound, music and colour in an imaginative new way.

The Muzicoz picture book and colouring book are now available on Amazon and through selected retailers.

Muzicoz Picture Book


Muzicoz Coloring Book